Alta pete E-invoicing Generation System

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Electronic Invoice Generator is an end-to-end solution to support your e-invoicing compliance needs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The tool can extract, convert, test, transmit and store e-invoicing data in the Kingdom. To deliver a comprehensive approach to VAT compliance.

What Alta pete Est. can do for you

The introduction of e-invoicing represents a significant development in the transformation of the digital and tax landscape in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Businesses need to address various challenges associated with e-invoicing compliance:

      • ERP and billing systems configuration

      • Integration with the tax authority platform

      • Impact on existing data, processes and people

      • Interaction with overall VAT and tax compliance

    Solution benefits

    Key benefits of E-invoicing Generation System:

        • Mature and tested
          Similar Altapete E-invoicing Generation System have been deployed globally and are widely tested in mature jurisdictions

        • Customized solution
          Alta pet EGS is customized based on ZATCA requirements, including integration with your ERP and billing environments

        • Non-disruptive
          Alta pete EGS is a non-disruptive tool, which is easy to deploy and keeps costs in check

        • Local data hosting and processing
          Alta pete EGS is hosted on servers located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and data does not leave Kingdom when being processed

      Solution features and functionality

      Key features of E-invoicing Generation System:

          • Tax authority integration
            Alta pete EGS provides a seamless integration with the tax authority’s platform, with a number of options for data transmission

          • Data validation and analytics
            Alta pete EGS will perform real-time validation of invoice data, applying advanced analytics and tax logic

          • Insightful reports
            Alta pete EGS provides insightful and intuitive reports and dashboards, which are essential in proactively managing e-invoicing compliance and tax risks

          • Comprehensive approach to VAT compliance
            Alta pete can provide a comprehensive approach to VAT compliance, by integrating e-invoicing and the VAT return preparation process

        Invoice and XML validated with Alta pete E-invoicing Generation System BY ZATCA listed below :



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